Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A week of mixed emotions

This is the most personal entry I will ever post in this blog.

Last week was filled with mixed emotions for me and my wife.

After almost a year, we finally got what we were praying for. Cherry got a two-liner in her pregnancy test kit. She was pregnant. We were very excited with this development. Cherry started making lists of potential godparents while I was already thinking of a possible layout for the announcement postcard.

Last Wednesday, we went for her first ultrasound. We were saddened when the OB sonologist told us that she was having an ectopic pregnancy, with the baby stuck in her right fallopian tube. Her OB's reliever told us that it has to be removed right away to avoid endangering CHerry's life if her fallopian tube ruptured. Right there and then, we were advised to have her operated on the same day. We called her cousin, who is a nurse, to ask her if she can refer us to an OB we can trust since her original OB was on leave. turns out her cousin has an OB for a sister-in-law.

And so she was operated on, and the baby, and her right fallopian tube was removed. Our spirits were down because we just lost our first baby. But we knew we couldn't dwell on it for too long. As for me, I'm just glad I still have Cherry and we still have a chance to have a family.